DocBook in ConTeXt

What is it?

DocbookInContext is a mapping of Docbook XML files to the ConTeXt macro package for TeX. It is built upon the XML interface of ConTeXt. It allows one to produce a typeset version of a Docbook XML file, in dvi or pdf format.


Status / News

  • Simon will give a talk about his work on "DocBook in ConTeXt" at the DANTE 2003 meeting at Bremen, April 2-4, 2003. See his abstract at:

  • Treat this as early beta (only a small selection of all tags is supported, restricted tables support, restricted graphics support, , ...)!

  • First tarball made publicly available on 2002-07-24 and announced on NTG ML, tex-d-l ML, and docbook-apps ML

  • First public announcement on NTG-ConTeXt ML on 2002-03-16