DocBook Makefile Templates

What will it be?

  • Makefiles for DocBook documents using DSSSL-stylesheets.

  • Adapted from the FreeBSD Makefiles for use on Linux, especially Debian/GNU Linux.

  • A Master Makefile holds the user configurable parts (filenames, default formats to be created, etc.).

  • The Master Makefile includes a few makefile templates which usually won't be edited by the user.

  • Automatic conversion of used image files to other formats using convert from ImageMagick (depending on the created output format).

New in V0.0.11, 2001-04-13

  • Target pdb for iSilo Palm Reader documented

Documentation (V0.1.16, 2001-04-19)

I started writing some documentation on how to use the template files. This documentation is still incomplete but should give you a start. The SGML source file as well as a TXT version is included in the tarball. For your convenience you can download a gzip'ed PDF or PS version or view the HTML or TXT version online:


  • Berkeley Make (e.g. pmake on Debian/GNU Linux).

  • tarball of Makefile templates (download: docbookmk-0.0.11.tar.gz, 47 kB).


IMO usable for new documentation projects (already started projects should use their current toolchain because it would be to much work to convert their custom stylesheet files, etc.).