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Some links about DocBook. Can be extended, if there is interest. Let me know your favorite links...

Official DocBook Homepage.

Homepage of DocBook guru Norman Walsh

DocBook at

DocBook Wiki

DocBook to LaTeX Publishing

dblatex is actually a DB2LaTeX clone, since it takes the major part of its XSL stylesheets.

DB2LaTeX XSL Transformation

Quote:DB2LaTeX are a set of XSLT stylesheets which generate high level LaTeX2e from your docbook document. They do not perform any FO transformation, the only thing they do is to map DocBook tags into more or less standard LaTeX (a recent installation of LaTeX 2e is required, with most common packages. However, in more stable releases, package dependencies will be completely managed with xsl variables, making it virtually compatible with basic LaTeX 2e installations).

DocBook and OpenOffice

DocBook Filters - Read and write docbook xml using

Using the DocBook XSL Stylesheets

Robert Stayton

DocBook in ConTeXt

Simon Pepping

Writing Documentation Using DocBook

David Rugge; Mark Galassi; Eric Bischoff

Introduction in DocBook from Marc Galassi


Some DocBook Setup Info for Redhat Systems

Mark Johnson

Bob DuCharme's tips on using PSGML mode for emacs

LDP Author Guide

Mark F. Komarinski

DocBook FAQ

Dave Pawson


Michael Wiedmann