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3. Programm vom 04.06.-05.06.98

Die Auflistung aller Veranstaltungen wurde dem offiziellen Programmheft entneommen, das jeder Teilnehmer zu Beginn des Kongresses bei der Anmeldung erhalten hatte. Dieses Programmheft enthält für die meisten Vorträge Abstracts, die von den Vortragenden eingereicht wurden.

3.1 Erster Tag

Keynote: Jon 'maddog' Hall (Linux International): Economics of Computing for the 21st Century

How the Linux Model of software development will change the world, and how we can benefit from this.

Theodore Ts'o: Development in EXT2FS

Current development and plans for improvements of the EXT2 FS, like resizing and Binary Tree Structure.

Volker Lendecke: NT Domain Logons

Wie Linux mit Samba zum Primary Domain Controller für MS Windows Netzwerke wird.

Heinz Mauelshagen: Logical Volume Manager

The LVM allows to concatenate several physical disks to one logical "Volume Group".

D. Jeff Dionne: Linux without MMU

MMU-less Linux might open interesting application fields in the embedded controller market.

David S. Miller: Cobalt Microserver

In depth discussion of hardware specific optimization strategies for the Cobalt Microserver.

Arttu Huhtiniemi: Data Management in Linux

How Linux gains ground in the business world. Insight to the use of Linux as DBMS.

Victor Yodaiken: Real Time Linux

Introduction of architecture and capablities of the RT Linux Kernel.

Cristian Gafton: Migration to glibc

The old "Linux libc" is going to be replaced by glibc. The talk covers changes and impacts.

Claus Schröter: Linux Lab Project

Das Projekt unterstützt den Einsatz von Linux in Meßtechnik, Prozeßkontrolle und Industrieautomation.

John Storrs: Computer Craftmanship

The Computer Craftmanship Project brings CAD/CAM technology to micro enterprises.

Social Event: food, drink and talk


3.2 Zweiter Tag

Emanuel Pirker: IEEE-1394 FireWire

FireWire is a high-speed serial bus with bandwidth up to 400MBit/sec. Linux support is coming soon.

Warwick Allison: The QtScape Hack

Some insights of the Mozilla code, and how the monster was brought under control.

Bruce Perens: Electric Fence

Debugging memory allocation with "Electric Fence". Discussion by the author.

Torben Weis: OpenParts

Vorstellung eines CORBA-Objekt-Modells für Linux/UNIX Systeme. Die Plattform für ein KDE Office.

Olaf Kirch: COAS Administration

COAS is a modular administration system with multiple interfaces.

Matthias Ettrich: Multi Toolkit Programming

How to use two GUI toolkits in one software project simultanously.

Ian Jackson: userv

userv provides a concept to avoid suid programs for system services.

Miguel de Icaza: The GNOME Project

The GNOME desktop provides a user friendly, consistent and free desktop environment for UNIX.

Paul Russell: Generic IP Chains

ipchains offer a more flexible replacement for the normal IP Firewalling.

Kalle Dalheimer: KDE, The Second Year

Presentation of new features and current plans for the KDE project.

Rob Glenn: Cerberus, an IPsec Reference Implementation for Linux

IPsec is likely to become standard in the challenging field of Internet Security.

Final Panel Board Discussion: KDE vs. GNOME

Vertreter der beiden Projekt Teams diskutieren auf dem Podium.

After Hour

Kölsch und Klönen bei O'Reilly.

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