Are you a big sports fan and want to use your knowledge for a bet? Quite right! It increased the excitement of a sports game and can also generate a lot of money. Now first see which sport you are going to bet your money on. In any case, the bookmakers have a lot of interesting ones to choose from.

Predicting on sports

If there is one sport that the bookmakers pay a lot of attention to, it is football. It doesn’t matter whether you will bet on the English Premier League, the German Bundesliga, the Champions League or our own Jupiler Pro League. In all of these competitions and tournaments, there are dozens of bets to choose from. Predict the champion of the season’s top scorer. Would you instead not look that far ahead? In the weekly matches, you can bet on the first goalscorer, the number of corners of the final score.
The advantage of betting on football is, of course, that there is a lot of information available. The bookmakers have extensive statistics online so that you know exactly what the percentage of possession, the average number of goals scored in the past head-to-head duels. This helps you to estimate the match correctly. Yet, there is a critical reason football betting is so popular: the passion that many have for this sport. Maybe you play football yourself or just sit in the stadium every week to encourage your club. Whatever your connection with football, a (live) bet makes every competition and tournament extra exciting.

Watch Grand Slams and other tennis tournaments all year round.

“Game, set and match!” With these words, the umpire clarifies that the game is over, and the winner is announced. Tennis is sometimes a real titanic battle. Greats like Rafael Nadal and Novak Djokovic deal hard blows game after game and try to get points with creative drop shots, lobs and smashes. Although good and solid baseline play are so important.

Tennis has four Grand Slams, which all professional players consider the convenient tournaments of the year. Each of those Grand Slam has its own charm. Wimbledon is the tournament of grass tennis, strawberries with whipped cream and fabulous white outfits. Here it is traditions that count. Less traditional but so exciting are the US Open and Australian Open. Both tournaments are played on hard court, which provides extra speed in the game. At the French Roland Garros, it is precisely the gravure specialists who can measure their strength. In addition to these four Grand Slams, the tennis calendar is full of all kinds of small ATP and WTA tournaments that you can bet on.

180’s in the world of darts

When it comes to physical exertion, the sport of darts comes nowhere near cycling. That doesn’t matter either, because other factors are essential in darts. This is all about maximum concentration, a steady hand and fast calculations. Just throwing triples and doubles to scrape together as many points as possible is not enough. When throwing out, the arrow must end up in a double. A small miss and the hand ends in the 2 instead of the double 17. That means that the darters have to calculate quickly to know where his chances are now.

Darts has now been transformed from a simple pub sport to a sport that large groups of people run for. The rising music of the darts players and the stage announcer who enthusiastically said “one hundred and eighty !!!” through his microphone make this sport a real spectacle. Do you like to immerse yourself in darts matches? Then bet on the winner or bet on the number of legs or sets. The 180’s and 9-darters (or the perfect throws) are also suitable for an excellent bet.

Try a traditional sport like horse racing

Horse racing and bookies have been the right combination for a long time. In fact, in the late eighteenth century, Newmarket Heath Racecourse in Suffolk County was the first place where odds were linked to betting. If you like to honour sports betting tradition, then horse racing should not be missing on your betting slip.

Equestrian is good for some quick bets. Once the race has started, the horses run across the track at full speed. After a few minutes of racing, the order is known, and you know whether the bet wins or loses. Horse racing has many bets that only belong to this sport. How about betting options such as “Winning”, “Place”, “Couple”, “Trio”, “Trio Disorder” or “V5”? You can travel almost all over the world by betting on horses. Follow the races at Northfield Park in America, Galway in Ireland, Flamingo Park in South Africa or the racecourse in Eskilstuna, Sweden. Of course, the world-famous event in Ascot, England, should not be missing from your list.