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Sports games are most exciting when you have a favourite. You may be cheering in front of the TV when Tom Dumoulin manages to escape from the peloton during a challenging mountain stage. Or are you a big fan of Real Madrid, and do you hope that the club will be able to take home the Champions League cup for the umpteenth time? Many beginner gamblers are inclined to bet money on matches that their favourite club like Norwich or Man United or athlete participates in. But don't forget that basically, every game gets interesting when money is at stake. The tension quickly builds, even if you bet on a match from an Asian football league. Or immerse yourself in a not so obvious sport, such as table tennis, bandy or cricket. With the many sports bets that the bookmakers offer, you can really go in any direction. The homepage, on which you are now, highlights current sports matches of different sports. So stay tuned via MIWIE and never miss the latest updates.

Latest News

August 24, 2021

Real Madrid made an offer of 160 million euros for Mbappe

Real Madrid seems to want to strengthen themselves this summer with Kylian Mbappe. The Spanish record champion would have made an offer of 160 million euros on Tuesday for the...

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June 13, 2021

Portugal starts EURO 2021 against Hungary in Budapest

Hungary and Portugal will play next Tuesday in Group F of the Euro 2021. The first game for the football countries will be played in the Puskás Arena in Budapest....

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May 28, 2021

UEFA Champions League 2021 Final Preview

This Saturday, Manchester City and Chelsea will play against each other in the UEFA Champions League final! Which team do you think will win the main prize in the Portuguese...

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You can predict football at a bookmaker

A bookmaker is a company that ensures that you can bet. For example, do you want to bet on a football match or on another sport? Then you can do that through a bookmaker. Usually, this is an online company, and in some cases, you can also gamble on a fixed location. A bookmaker ensures that betting on your favourite sport is fun and does not cause stress. You can indicate who you are betting on and on which part of the match you want to bet, what and exactly how much money you will bet. The bookmaker will then determine how much profit margin there is on your bet. After the match has ended, you will receive your winnings immediately. So enjoy, for example on ESPN from your most favourite sport games and bet during the match on the outcome. And if you predict right? Then you win and cash-out the money!

Compare the best online bookmakers

Suppose you've never gambled online and done just a little research. In that case, you will find yourself falling into a sea of ​​information and options. There are many online bookmakers, and it is difficult to make a good decision for you just like that. We would also like to emphasize that no bookmaker is necessarily better than the other. Choosing a bookmaker is exceptionally personal, and it all depends on what is important to you.

What are the differences in bookmakers?

Bookmakers can differ in the possibilities and options they offer. First, it can vary in how you pay. Do you only pay by credit card or bank transfer or need an online wallet, for example? Also, the customer service of a bookmaker can differ significantly. Geenstijl also conducted a test for this where interesting details emerged. Some customer services are open 24/7, and you can always reach them through a super-fast chatbox. Other bookmakers do not have this service, so you can only gamble during the day and at certain opening hours.