Bet Types

Bookmakers have worked hard in recent years to significantly expand the number of football bets. And it shows! The most significant football leagues and tournaments have 150 to 200 betting options open with ease. A bookmaker like Unibet is often well above that. Okay, those numbers actually count every box you can tick. But even if you only look at the betting systems themselves, the offer is enormous. 1×2 betting, over/under on the number of goals, over/under on the number of corners, the Asian handicap or an HT / FT bet: it can all be found on the platform of your bookmaker. 

It is sometimes challenging to look for the right football bet between all that offer. First-time bettors, in particular, tend to select the same betting option over and over again simply because then they know what to do. Still, it is a shame to leave all those other bets left. So take a look at our list of the most popular football betting options. This way, you will automatically discover what the bookmaker has to offer you.

Go for a 1×2 bet and predict the winner

A list of popular football bets should, of course, start with the 1×2 betting. After all, this is the bet that bookmakers promote the most in their long lists of football matches. The odds are immediately visible and give you an idea of ​​what to expect from the game. In short, you really cannot ignore this bet!

The 1×2 bet is based on that one simple question: which club will win the match? It doesn’t matter what happens on the field during those 90 minutes. The number of goals does not matter. It does not matter whether there is a resounding victory or if everything goes with difficulty. You focus purely on the end result. Do you expect a win for the home team (1), the visiting club (2), or are you still thinking of a draw (x)? The choice is yours.