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When you register with a new bookmaker, you often receive a welcome bonus. To make it attractive for you to join their website and transfer money. But if you have been a member for a more extended period, you can also earn extra money. This can be in the form of extra play money or a risk-free betting bonus. You have to fulfil some terms to actually send the bonus to your private bank account. And every bookmaker has its own bonus terms. Read more information below, and grab the best bookmaker bonus available!

A bookmaker invests in you as player

You may be wondering why a bookmaker invests money in you first when you haven’t spent anything yet. A bookmaker wants to make it as attractive as possible for you as the player to register. There is a lot of competition among themselves, so you must have a reason to join that specific bookmaker. One way to attract customers is to give a nice welcome bonus. In the physic casino, you often get free snacks and drinks just to keep you playing. You can compare this with the welcome bonus offer online betting sites give away.

You can get the bookmaker bonus in the form of doubling your bet. You are happy because you feel welcome. The bookmaker is satisfied because you are a member and will deposit money to bet with. But getting someone excited about joining does not mean that someone will stay long and want to spend more money on your service. You need more for this.

The different types of bookmaker bonuses

A bookmaker can offer you various bonuses. When you register as a new member you often receive a welcome bonus. This welcome bonus is usually in the form of a 100% deposit bookmaker bonus. But this can also be a free bet or even a no deposit bonus. The latter bonus, therefore, means completely risk-free betting with the bookmaker in question. In itself a very nice bonus we think.

The welcome bonus that is offered as a deposit bonus means that the amount you deposit on your first deposit is doubled by the bookmaker. So you can bet on a match with double your stake. But it can also happen that a bookmaker works with a 50% bonus or even tripled your first bet. This of course feels like a warm welcome.

These bonuses usually apply for the first time you deposit an amount, but there are also bookmakers who give this bonus on the second and even third amount.

Bet without it costing you money

The so-called No Deposit means that you do not have to place any money in a bet but get money from the bookmaker to play with. You are supposed to deposit money into your account to take advantage of the 100% deposit bonus. However, it is nice to know if a bookmaker is right for you. It is nice to see if this is the bookmaker where you want to bet more often without spending too much money. To give you that option, some bookmakers work with the No Deposit bonus.

When you register at a bookmaker, you will receive an amount from the online bookmaker to play with, so you can try it out. This often involves 5 or 10 euros. You just need to create an account, get the money and get started. When you are satisfied, you can deposit money in your account, continue playing, or unsubscribe and decide to go for another bookmaker. When you play with the money from the No Deposit bookmaker bonus, you can keep the profit you make for yourself.

Free bets bonus

First bet will be given by the bookmaker

When you are satisfied with the betting method and the offer, you can continue playing at the particular bookmaker of your choice. The bookmaker knows you want to bet more often and wants to reward this.

They naturally want to keep you and therefore offer something extra. Bookmakers do this in the form of a free bet, which nicely also called: Free bet. This means that you can bet on their betting platform for free and that you do not break your own playing balance. You can’t lose your money on that one bet because the bookmaker has arranged this Free bet cash for you. The perfect try-out of an online bookmaker, and if you win, it’s an excellent lucky beginning of the adventure with that bookie.

The free bet bonus at bookmakers is most of the time an amount around 5 and 15 euros. So, please don’t think about the enormous amounts you will often see with first deposit bonuses, which goes quickly around 100 or 400 euro. The most beautiful thing about this free bet bookmaker bonus is that you have not lost your money. You can win the bet and get money, but if you bet on the losing side, nothing is going on either. The nice thing is that bookmakers often use this method of bonus for significant and exciting matches. A bookmaker who has a wide range of different sports that can be bet on has also set up free bets for this.

When you use the free bet, you will not get any money, so you will not get your stake back if you lose. However, you can keep the profit amount. The money you actually bet is held by the bookmaker. Although, you still can make a lot of profit with the hired money from the bookmaker.

Seasonal betting bonus

Typical bonuses are seasonal event-related. For example, with the World Cup, you have many bonuses that have to do with World Cup matches. In addition to the regular promotions, there are often additional rewards during seasonal holidays. Most promotions are usually in the winter months because there are most holidays with Sinterklaas, Christmas, and the New Year. Always make good use of this as a player because there is a lot of extra value and money to be gained if you approach it smartly and make full use of the free bets and other rewards. There are often great prizes to be won such as cars, air travel, iPhones and severe amounts of money.

Bonus conditions

Standard bookmaker bonus terms & conditions

In general, what are the bonus conditions that bookmakers set when obtaining a welcome bonus or, for example, a free bet? This is basically the same with betting bonuses for every bookmaker. You may have to deal with the bookmaker bonus conditions below.

• The bonus applies to 1 account only
• Deposit bonuses usually have a minimum deposit
• Deposit bonuses must be played several times.
• The deposit method. Some payment providers are excluded.
• Maximum amount to be won, where a limit is sometimes set.

These usually range between x 1.50 to x 2.00. The lower your odds to unlock it, the better and easier it goes. As soon as you have released the amount, you can transfer it back to your bank account.
With the free bets, there are also two options. One option is to keep the stake amount (bet), and the second option is that you only get your won amount credited to your balance. This is also called Stake not Returned at the bookmakers.

Let’s take an example to explain this! You have taken out a € 10 free bet at the bookmaker on the match FC Barcelona against Real Madrid. The classic where spectacle is guaranteed. You have chosen FC Barcelona as the winner with an odds of x 2.50. You win this bet, and FC Barcelona wins the match. You won the bet. Usually, you would receive € 25, but now you only receive the € 15 real profit. The bookmaker takes back the original free bet money. Still well scored € 15 with your free bet!

Read the bonus conditions carefully

In the end, a bookmaker also has to make money by giving away free money. Therefore, they have drawn up several conditions that must be met to qualify for nice extras.

Therefore, you must delve into those conditions and aware that it often requires extra effort to take advantage of bonuses. There are usually minimum amounts that you must deposit. You must first deposit a few hundred euros before you can use a bonus. Therefore, read the conditions and see how strict the requirements are.

A special bonus for mobile betting

Nowadays, we humans can be reached on a smartphone just about any time of the day and can generally only leave the device alone. Therefore, we think it is nice if the services we like to use can provide us with this and can be consulted as much as possible via the same smartphone. The bookmakers also went along with this. Mobile betting is really becoming the new betting of the coming years, and bookmakers are increasingly geared towards it with their betting sites.

In the past, you had to go to a match yourself to bet on it. Now you can do it online. And because you don’t always have your laptop with you everywhere, you can also do it via your smartphone. The bookmaker bonus is even adapted for the mobile phone. This is mainly to lure you to the mobile online betting environment.

Some bookmakers even offer a unique online betting app that makes it as easy as possible to bet on your favourite match. In addition to convenience, it sometimes also gives you something else, namely a bonus.

Developing a good app or website that works on both a laptop and a phone costs a lot of money. The intention is that it is used a lot to remain members of their platform. For this reason, bookmakers sometimes offer a mobile bonus in the form of a risk-free bet or a free bet. Always friendly to try out a new function at the bookmakers with bonus money.

What benefits are they offering?

Because the range of bonuses can vary significantly per bookmaker, it is advisable to first investigate which ones are most attractive to you. For example, one bookmaker also gives away bonus promotions more often than another. It is nice to know this before you register. However, you will receive most of the information once you have signed up. You can then keep an eye on the bookmaker’s social media or check their website. This way you know which bonus you can expect when.

Keep always in mind

When you bet on your favourite sport, team or player, it must give you pleasure. Betting is not something you have to, but it is allowed! So do it in a way that is fun for you. Make sure you do it with an officially registered company at all times so that your money does not disappear like snow in the sun. The above strategies can also help you turn more profit and achieve tremendous success in your betting adventure. We wish you a lot of fun and happiness!

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In short about bookmaker bonuses

Bookmakers mainly offer a welcome bonus for your first deposit as well as ongoing promotions that change monthly. The deposit bonuses are almost always a free bet or that you get 100% or 200% of your deposit for free.

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